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Wever & Ducré is a renowned Belgian lighting manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience. In october 2011 Wever & Ducré brand became part of the XAL group. Since then, the organization is profiting from a broad range of synergies with regard to technology as much as sales and production. The headquarters remained in Roeselare, Important subsidiaries are located in Cologne, Hong Kong and Lucerne.

A long-standing tradition as a manufacturer of excellent lighting concepts, combined with the striving for constant renewal, has always been at the core of our selfconception. Now, we have taken this idea to the next level. By partnering with the renowned Austrian company XAL, we remain as passionate as ever, but we become as innovative as never before. Based on what we were, we have re-invented what we are. Expect nothing less than the perfect symbiosis of reliability and proven technology. Experience how outstanding design meets the power of LEDs. Experiment with these new possibilities we have created for you. Enjoy first class quality at a still reasonable price. Be part of the new Wever & Ducré experience.

XAL Group
With its headquarters in Graz, Austria, the XAL group has production, research and sales subsidiaries in 11 countries as well as a truly worldwide partner network. 700 employees work for the XAL group. Trademarks owned are XAL, Wever & Ducré (both production of luminaires and lighting systems) and VITEO (outdoor furniture).
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Wever & Ducré
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