Vervloet is a family owned company founded in 1905 by Joseph Vervloet. Today, the company is headed by Isabelle Hamburger, great-grand-daughter of Joseph Vervloet, and still based in the heart of Europe: Brussels.

Since 1970, Vervloet has been setting a new standard and developing its activities by exhibiting the different product lines abroad through major international fairs in the world of arts, decoration and construction in Paris, Monaco, Moscow, Cologne, Munich and Doha.

Although the company first started by catering to Belgian clients, it is nowadays the uncontested leader in the decorative ironwork market. More than 90% of its clients are based abroad: the Middle East, the United States, Russia, France and the United Kingdom, among others.

Recently, Vervloet has also been developing its market toward the yacht industry, using its ability to create custom-made ironmongery and its experienced commercial department to always support its clients during all phases of their projects.
© Photos by Nicolas Schimp / Luc Vincent

rue de la borne 78
B-1080 Brussels
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Fax. +32 2 410 63 81
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