For over 50 years, Editions SOUVERAINE has been active in importing and distributing upholsteries. In the past 12 years, the company has created an exclusive array of the finest Belgian linen fabrics. At the dawn of the company’s 60th anniversary, Editions SOUVERAINE shows signs of a steady increase of activity.

Enriched by a traditional know-how in the field of textiles, Belgium is a worldwide reference in upholstery fabrics. The quality of Belgium fabrics and Belgian expertise unite to create innovative trends. The tendency of the Belgian contemporary fabric industry is mainly towards natural fabrics and in particular, linen.

For several centuries, Belgium has been reputed for it’s weaving: tapestries at first followed by velvet. Editions SOUVERAINE aspired to continue this tradition and re-launched the loom. Initially, importers and exclusive distributors of prestigious worldwide labels, Editions SOUVERAINE created in 1996 a unique collection of exclusive Belgian linen fabrics for upholstery and draperies. Linen, because this natural fibre can be handcrafted and is advantageous in terms of weaving and natural pigment dyes. Editions SOUVERAINE fabrics are “100% made in Belgium” and are sometimes of heavy quality (up to 850 gr/m²). The fabrics are “yarn dyed” or “piece dyed” allowing for an infinite palette of colours and custom-made creations that include the “Belgian touch”, characteristic of a contemporary, classic and distinct style. The range includes fabrics mixed with silk, cotton or raffia. SOUVERAINE’s production is limited offering an exclusive range in answer to the specific requirements of its clients.

Global expansion
Number one export client: the United States, a market open to SOUVERAINE since 1998 after only two original collections. Since then, other markets have followed via agents, distributors or direct clients in Europe, Asia and Australia. The company expertly controls its production tools and is today, capable of creating an array of fabrics adapted to the specific taste of each new market. Editions SOUVERAINE’s show room is based in Brussels in the heart of the design district and welcomes clients in a spacious complex basking in natural light.
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