Revor Bedding


Revor is a Belgian manufacturer of premium-quality sleeping comfort. For 40 years, the bedding company has been the supplier of healthy sleeping products. Today, Revor is the one-stop-shop for all your sleeping comfort needs: mattresses, duvets, pillows, slats, boxsprings, beds.
Revor has the international reputation of being an innovator and a pioneer. Product research and continuous improvement of its products are the foundation on which Revor is built; an approach that has been very successful. Revor is mainly active in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and France but its products are also available through local dealerships in Australia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Revor was founded in 1974. The company name is based on the words "Rêve d'Or", which mean 'sweet dreams' in French. A young and dynamic team made the bedding company into what it is today. Revor's goal is to continue improving sleeping comfort. That is the reason why the bedding specialist annually invests in product innovation. The spectacular growth of the company since it was taken over in 2001 mainly is the result of the combination of a flexible team and permanent product innovation.

Revor's product offer is as wide as it is complete, ranging from mattresses, slats and boxsprings to pillows and duvets. Revor's core business is mattresses: every day, some 300 leave the company. These mattresses range from latex and foam mattresses to Bonnell and pocket spring mattresses. For a complete overview of Revor's product range, please visit Since 2001, Revor has made sure that its product range responds to the wants and needs of the moment. In the world of sleeping comfort too, trends follow each other at an incredible pace.

Revor Bedding
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