The Belgian brand Bulo has been creating office furniture since 1963: products which are about more than the mere fulfilment of functional requirements, and which contribute to the quality of the working environment. All too often work is seen in a negative and distorted light while it is the very hope and ambition of the future generations.

In Mechelen, historically the furniture city par excellence, Bulo works on the design of the working environment. Our headquarters along the E19 were recently turned into “de werkplaats”, a workplace for the exploration of new models, perspectives and concepts. The link with manufacture is not far away: a veneering workshop where all the furniture, including tailor-made designs, is manufactured with love and professional know-how.

Its own design studio ensures sustainable products and fittings whilst the collaboration with external designers provides for a multitude of different approaches. The Carte Blancheseries is a fascinating think tank with surprising designs by amongst others Bram Boo, Ann Demeulemeester and Jean Nouvel. The Antwerp interior architects Bataille ibens designed a universal table concept for Bulo that has since grown into a classic with numerous different uses. The new editions of the Jules Wabbes designs, the exponent of Belgian design in the 1950s to 1970s, are all about timeless elegance.

On an international level London is the operating base for the Belgian brand. In dialogue with architects and entrepreneurs Bulo wants to be a place of inspiration for work in the future.
©Photos by Nicolas Schimp/ Luc Vincent / Kris Druant

Blarenberglaan 6
B-2800 Mechelen
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