It is now fashionable to talk about vintage and lived. Why do we turn away from all these plastic rigorously calibrated and thought, why do we search at any price these traces we conducted ?

Because it tastes too far . Because that by rejecting the error, it is sorely missed . And what to do ?

Vintage ... If today has a price ... an expensive one ... it is imperative to provide benchmarks against which these men serve their tags. Manufacture and distribute them at the cost of material and labor actually coherent and qualitative work.

Editing today furniture created in the 30's or 60's is from another fundamental value as keeping to invent forms based on freeness and mediocrity. Far from being simple, the choice of these models are dictated by the evidence of their modern living today.

They must correspond to industrial standard production. We believe it would be absurd to publish in 2012, productions by Victor Horta or Serrurier Bovy. These furnitures belong to another philosophical time.

In Belgium, 4 designers seem to bring us these conscious or unconscious today sought pins.
This is L.H De Koninck, Jules Wabbes , Willy Van Der Meeren and Christophe Gevers.

Is it an objective choice?
Yes and no. Because each of us met in his life his trainer taste that can also be a brand like Meurop or ... Habitat and Ikea. However, it is clear that these four personalities built the same image quality vintage and mark as indicated rates achieved by these creations.

It is obviously interesting to offer in 2010 or 2013 editions of these personalities to better appreciate why, how and most importantly be able to put these furniture, lighting and objects in mirror with contemporary furniture.

The idea of ​​living in a vintage universe is absurd. Editions of furniture should bring to us this reflection that leads to balance and beauty.

These editions are also a tribute to the designers who have used new industrial facilities to offer this profound transformation of our cultural and social environment, a visual and innovative chromatic background.

Innovative in the sense of respect for life and sense, innovative in the sense of relation to life which places man at the center of desires, creative and non-dependent, free.

November 5th, 2011
Luc Vincent
Art director Editions Jules Wabbes 2010