L'Appartement des Etangs

Apartment, showroom, gallery or museum? In this privileged Brussels building with the Ixelles ponds view, an apartment has been fully furnished for staging the contemporary editions of Jules Wabbes.


Two doors come to be fenced, both the one of the JULES WABBES exhibition at BOZAR and the one of the EDITIONS 2010 at DESIGN VLAANDEREN.

One of them has opened to the general public many aspects of a timeless and meaningful masterpiece of Belgian savoir-faire. Even if other countries can claim some works linked to technical or formal skills, none of them can equate this symbiosis between materials and the sensitive implementation of those bellow.

The other one has opened to present and to future series that are not broadcast yet.

L’APPARTEMENT DES ETANGS opens on the 1st of February for this broadcast stage. The EDITIONS 2010 will live in harmony their national development within the life of a family.

Furniture designed by JULES WABBES are well-being and zest holders. This is what we are going to express across daily pictures showing secret and discreet share.  

The sharing of this quality was imposed by JULES WABBES as the basis of a privileged humanism.


Jules Wabbes in the city

It took a long time for a tribute to be paid to the immense talent of the Belgian designer Jules Wabbes ( 1919-1974 ). This is indeed some forty years after his death, in the fall of 2012, that an exhibition was dedicated to him at the Palais des Beaux- Arts in Brussels.

It has to do an overview of the work of Jules Wabbes and gather a few of the most iconic pieces from this designer of furniture and decorative objects.

In short, the work of Jules Wabbes can be characterized by a contemporary line served by exceptional and rare sense of perfection, both in the choice of materials (exotic woods like wenge solid bronze, bluestone...) than in execution. Such a requirement has led him to design projects "total development" as was the case for the Brussels headquarters of Société Générale de Banque.
He was indeed responsible for the ticket hall, the vault (a pure marvel) and the executive floors. Among the latest projects undertaken during the life of this innovative designer, we also note the Sciences Library UCL in Louvain-la-Neuve.

To this day, one can find furniture and objects Jules Wabbes signed in antique shops and auction houses. But it is in 2010 that BULO offers to the widow of the designer, Mary Wabbes, a new edition of several of its furniture, among the best known: the table "pan coupé", the office table "Gérard Philippe", the sofas "Livorno", or any first edition of the stool "Anna David- Marber".

To lead this edition and adapt existing models and techniques at today materials, BULO entrusted the creative direction to Luc Vincent. This then develops an ambitious project: to entrust famous Belgian companies the care to decline Jules Wabbes creations, each in their field, under the generic name "Jules Wabbes édition 2010".

Thus ten brands now offer furniture and lighting signed Wabbes or inspired by his work: BULO for furniture, Revor for bed, Vervloet for hardware, Souveraine for textiles, Angelo for carpets, Wever & Ducré for aluminum lights, Serax for several containers, les Carrière du Hainaut for the stone, Slabbinck for linens, One To Be for the Livorno kitchen and General Decoration for the cast lights.

Aware that the editions 2010 deserved to be gathered in a place that put them on stage, Luc Vincent finds a multi-floors apartment located in a classic building of the Ixelles ponds.

The visitor is greeted by one of the masterpiece of Jules Wabbes the "porte-manteau Horizon", consisting of solid wenge slats mounted on brass, all decorated with hooks, also in brass . The bottom line is met in the living rooms, whether the table "Pan coupé", seats, sofas or less known as a low vibration steel and tempered glass table elements. Anecdotally, we sense the massive bronze ashtray designed by Wabbes because he could not stand that objects are inadequate style on desks or tables that he had drawn!

Text and photos: Jean -Pierre Gabriel
Interior design: Luc Vincent

L’Appartement des étangs
Open Showroom & Gallery
rue Vilain XIV
1050 Bruxelles
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